SAE 10W-50

SAE 10W-50

SAE 10W-50
SpeedMax 4T PRO-RIDER 10W-50

Motorcycle Engine Oil

Trisonic® SpeedMax 4T PRO-RIDER formula is specially designed to meet the exacting performance of Superbikes. As a superbike lubricant, it delivers optimal power efficiency, outstanding performance and the maximum protection with its specially selected Triple Action Zero Slippage Technology (T0S Technology).

Packaging: 1 Litre

100% synthetic high performance motorcycle engine oil
SAE 10W-50
JASO MA2: 2016 (latest)

Suitable for high performance 4-stroke motorcycles and scooters of all models, operates in extreme high temperature air-cooled or water-cooled engines.

Customer Benefits

Maximum Power Protection through high clutch friction control performance
Trisonic® SpeedMax 4T PRO-RIDER 10W-50 with T0S Technology passed the severe JASO friction performance tests that are critical to retain optimal power efficiency required by high performance motorcycle and scooter engines.

With T0S Technology, our oil offers the most efficient friction levels to guarantee efficient clutch engagement during the three riding modes: Starting, Acceleration and Constant Speed.

Unsurpassed Engine Piston Cleanliness
Trisonic® SpeedMax 4T PRO-RIDER 10W-50 with T0S Technology provides unsurpassed piston cleanliness well above the limits of USA API SN and European ACEA 2016 (latest) industry standards.
In addition, TrisonicTM SpeedMax™ 4T PRO-RIDER 10W-50 contain high TBN reserves which is important to neutralise acid by product from long oil change intervals.

Outstanding High Temperature Oxidation Control
Trisonic® SpeedMax 4T PRO-RIDER 10W-50 with T0S Technology keeps the viscosity of the engine oil within SAE 10W-50 viscosity range at all times, so it continues to protect the engine parts
under high temperature condition in motorcycle engines.

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