Passenger Cars

TriSonic® UltiMach motor oils are designed to meet your needs, whatever your driving challenges. From the fully synthetic motor oils to premium multi-grade motor oils for everyday driving environment, TriSonic® UltiMach product range has a motor oil that provides optimal performance for every gasoline or diesel engine.

Premium Quality Motor Oil

Designed exclusively to meet the most stringent manufacturer specifications for today’s engines that run at high RPM, specially for modern European vehicles with turbochargers, catalytic converters and low ash requirements.

High Quality Motor Oil

Engineered for the drivers who demand ultimate performance and protection for modern generation engine technologies with fully synthetic oils for lower fuel consumption, exclusively for modern American, Japanese, Korean and other Asian vehicles.

Good Quality Motor Oil

Synthetic blended oils formulated to enable protection to the critical engine parts and extending the life of vehicles, in modern American and Asian gasoline-powered engines.

 Hydro-Processed Motor Oil

Unconventional premium mineral oils formulated to provide protection to critical engine parts and to extend the life of vehicles, as required for all types of modern American and Asian gasoline-powered engines.

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